Scott Kelby’s Photoshop for Digital Photographers Seminar

A couple of weeks ago (15th October) I was lucky enough to attend Scott’s Photoshop for Digital Photographers Seminar in London. This is the first time that this seminar has come to the UK and the second NAPP event for the UK (the first was Joe McNally’s Location Lighting Techniques – which I also attended).

Both Seminars took place at the Business Design Centre (BDC) in Angel:[googleMap name=”Business Design Centre” width=”500″]52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH[/googleMap]

As this was the second event that I attended here I was aware that there was a Starbucks between the Angel tube station and the BDC and so I popped in and read some of the e-magazines on my iPad whilst enjoying one of Starbuck’s beverages. I was about to leave and Scott Kelby walks in to catch up with some of his local buddies. Whether Scott is aware or not he is a bit of a celebrity and I was surprised to see him here. So I stood next to Scott (like a total moron for what seemed like an eternity) just so I could say hello; he was very nice and I was surprised how deep his accent was – I know that he’s got an American accent and I have heard him lots of times on his various video podcasts and training videos – I was just a little surprised. He’s a really down to earth nice guy!

When I arrived at the seminar they were not allowing anyone into the main room initially, so I have to wait a bit. I was pleased to see that the number of people bringing their entire photo kit was less than the previous NAPP seminar. I also saw that OnOne were present again – I purchased the Photo-suite at the last Seminar as they sell it at a good price at these events and the plugins are top-notch. B&H were also present as they wanted to mention that their international ordering has recently been revamped.

I picked up my training pack which is not as grand as it sounds; the book is mainly an aid to jog your memory to the topics discussed during the day. The topics for the course were as follows:

  • Scotts 7 Point System for Camera Raw (10:00 to 11:00)
  • Portrait Retouching (11:15 to 12:15)
  • Lunch Break (12:15 to 13:15)
  • Killer Photoshop Tips for Photographers (13:15 to 14:30)
  • Printing Techniques and How to Show Your Work (14:45 to 15:45)
  • Photoshop Editing Workflow from Start to Finish (16:00 to 17:00)

The first two topics were stuff that I have seen Scott do on Kelby Training, but this was Camera Raw instead of Lightroom; however the concepts were the same. Having different pictures to work on and seeing it live helped cement the concepts discussed.

The stuff discussed after Lunch was mostly stuff that I hadn’t seen before (apart from some of the printing), so it was nice to see this stuff being shown.

What I liked about the Seminar is that Scott is a natural teacher and makes the topics fun to learn I (and the audience) had a great time and many laughs too. I also got my Lightroom 3 for Digital Photographers book signed by Scott, he’s just a really nice guy (didn’t I ay that already). Additionally this is a great time to see other photographers and discuss your ideas and get other points if view.

Please note that I have been deliberately brief about what exactly was discussed, if you want to see this then I recommend that you go and see Scott live and/or sign-up to Kelby Training. I would join NAPP at the same time as you’ll get your membership fee back many times over and there is a lot of cool stuff for NAPP members too.