Canon EOS 60D Reviewed at DPReview

As a Canon EOS user I am always interested when Canon release a new EOS Model and was not surprised to find that the replacement for the EOS 50D was a less-feature rich model. The EOS 7D has taken over from the EOS xxD models and has risen the bar to new levels. I now have two of these and rarely do I feel that a feature is missing.

The EOS60D has now lost the rigid metal endoskeleton, compact flash slots and has less buttons. I was lucky enough to try a model at my local London Camera Exchange shop in Lincoln (ask for Lee). My initial impressions were that this is not a camera that I wanted to use; however the swivel screen, new mode dial and overall design were very good. You have to remember that this model is targeted at the EOSxxxD or EOSxxxxD user who wants to upgrade and not a previous xxD user (although this camera is superior in many ways to those models). Previous xxD users are now being pushed towards the EOS7D which might be too expensive for some users.

The hard sell will be for users who have no real investment in Canon gear as the Nikon D7000 is better in many ways although it does lack the swivel screen (this could be a deal breaker/maker for some users). However, I always recommend handling cameras before you buy as the general feel, ergonomics could sway you either way. Secondly there may be a specific lens or accessory that only one camera manufacturer supplies that could have an effect.

Fianlly, as mentioned in the post title, DPReview have reviewed the camera and I was pleasantly surprised by their findings Click here for their review