Choosing a CILC

A CILC (c) Chris Bennett or Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera is almost becoming an essential photographic tool these days.

I have had a Panasonic G1 with a couple of lenses for a while now and whilst it is a nice camera I have never really been impressed with its image quality.

One of work colleagues, Andrew purchased a Sony NEX-5 twin lens kit recently and what few pictures he’s shown have been very impressive. My friend Richard has a post on his blog about the images, Sony NEX-5 Winter Test Drive. I must admit I wasn’t sure that Sony had got the NEX right I mean doesn’t it look really weird with the big lens on such a small body. The reviews also slated the hadling of the camera and I though nothing to see and carried on.

All this changed when I went to the local Sony shop in Lincoln and actually had a go with one. Maybe I was expeting something really awful, it wasn’t and since then I’ve been a bit smitten and its been hard not to buy one. The current VAT offer (which ends later this month) takes around a £100 of the purchase price and the G1 is worth a bit 2nd hand too.

Naturally I want a Silver one (only because the current lenses are silver too):

And I’ll get it with both the Sony E16mm f2.8 Pancake Lens and Sony E18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OSS lens (the twin lens kit saves an additional £94 to £149 depending on which lens was purchased with the camera.

I am also interested in the GH2 which should be released in the not too distant future but I would really like to see if its new sensor is any good?

The Nikon photographer Thom Hogan (who writes an excellent blog) had written a few articles about the state of the current CILC around and they are really good reads:

  • The first article covers the Canon G10, Nikon P6000 and Panasonic LX-3
  • The second article covers the Canon G12, Nikon P7000 and Panasonic LX-5
  • The most recent article covers the Olympus E-PL1, Panasonic GF-1, Samsung NX100 and Sony NEX-5

Thom is a good writer and I recommend that anyone looking for small higher quality compact camera (with or without interchangeable lenses) reads these articles.