Google Chrome OS Coming 2011

A couple of weeks ago Google had a conference where a number of interesting items were discussed, a new version of the Chrome Browser (which was released a week earlier), a new “pure android” phone called the Nexus S (the S comes from the fact that Samsung the maker of the Galaxy S is the maker of this device too) and the two most interesting bits were an update on where the new Chrome OS had got to and a new concept/prototype Chrome computer (called the CR-48 Netbook). Click the image below to visit Engadget’s review of the device:

What Google is basically saying is that most users are using the WEB most of the time so why not have an operating system that only connects you to the web? Chrome OS is essentially the Chrome Browser sitting on top of a small footprint Linux kernal – you never see the Linux bit. The laptop resumes in a short time and when you log onto the laptop you log straight into the browser.

Google announced an App Store whereby WEB based applications could be found and for some paid for. They have a print solution ready to go that allows the Chrome laptops print to any nearby Wireless printers. They have also partnered with Citrix to implement back-end solutions that allow non-web based products function such as MS Office – not the cut down version but the full featured MS Office!

The only missing feature seems to be around media – videos and music – but I expect that Google has plans for these items.

The current version of Chrome (v4) has some of the functionality ready to go now – I have visited the app store and downloaded a few applications. It’s quite impressive where this is today, I think that in a couple of years the computing landscape will be a different place.

If you wish to read more about Google’s announcements, I recommend that you visit Paul Thurrot’s Supersite for Windows. He’s written a very good 3 part article:

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For more details on the Nexus S I recommend that you visit Engadget