Lunar Eclipse this morning

Last night I was going through my email when one from Roger Parsons from the LNU alerted me to the fact that starting at 06:32 this morning there would a lunar eclipse.

More details about the event can be found here at Yahoo.

Although I’m on leave I got aup just before 6 and luckily for me I could witness the event from my upstairs bedroom window. Sure enough at the specified time the eclipse started. I managed to get a few good shots with my 7D+70-200 f/2.8 IS mkII lens, I tried the first few hand-held and then attached the lens to the Manfrotto Monopod, as the eclipse was taking place the sky was getting brighter and the moon was getting lower.

By 7:40 the moon was in total eclipse and I could no longer see it. By the time the eclipse finishes the moon will no longer be visible. The better pictures can be found below.

Incidentally this is the first time that a total eclipse and a Winter Solstice have coincided in 372 years! CTEIN who posts on the Online Photographer has written an article about this here.

UPDATE: My friend Richard has also written a short piece about the eclipse, this can be found here.