PhotoKit Sharpener 2.0

A week ago Pixelgenius released the long awaited version 2.0 of the sharpening software. Before the advent of Lightroom, this was my preferred software for sharpening. The newer versions of Lightroom have meant that I used less and less; however, with version 2.0 this may change as I might adjust my work flow to include the new version.

Please see my post about sharpening for more detail on how PhotoKit Sharpener works.

Over at Luminous Landscape Mark Dubovoy has reviewed the new version and has some ideas about alteration to his workflow; he is also a Lightroom/Photoshop user so it’s something that I am going to try. Click here for the review.

If you fancy giving it a try pop over to the website and download the new version, you can even try it for free.

As a user of version 1, I am lucky enough to receive an approximately 70% discount so i’ll be upgrading to the new version and giving this a go at the weekend.

As a post note, it should be noted that this version works on both Mac and PC with 64bit Photoshop.