Microsoft and Nokia sitting in a tree…

Nokia had their well advertised press conference today and surprise, surprise they are doing a deal with Microsoft. Two large companies who have failed to keep up with what consumers want in a smart phone. I welcome the pact and I think that this is only good news, there are only two problems that I foresee:

1) They need to move quickly to get the best bits of Microsoft and the best bits of Nokia into shipping devices. The current Windows Phone 7 has been on the market since October 2010, here we are almost 4 months later and NO updates have been released for the device, not even small bug-fixes and this is not acceptable. Whilst I like the phone and it’s refreshing to see a new interface, the phone is a 1.0 device and needs updating regularly to fix all of the small issues that are common when 1.0 devices ship!

2) They risk alienating the other handset makes who currently offer Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia will get preferential treatment so this may upset the makers and they’ll concentrate on the Android market. To be fair, there isn’t much differentiation in the current models as Microsoft has locked down the specification of the devices out there. If Nokia become the sole Windows Phone 7 supplier, this might not be a bad thing. This will mean that Apple, HP, RIM and no Microsoft/Nokia all have their own locked-in systems; this leaves Google’s Android the only mobile OS that can be on multiple handsets.

Anyway, there is a lot of information out there about this, Neowin seems to have many posts about it, you can read them here.