Photoshop for the iPAD

At this weeks Photoshop World Orlando, Adobe showed off a concept for a more feature rich version of Photoshop for the iPAD, there was little detail about this.

Photography Bay who are obviously at Photoshop World have posted some pictures and a video about the demo; click here for more information

This is cool, when can I get this?


3 thoughts on “Photoshop for the iPAD

  1. Richard

    I want!!!

    But seriously it does look interesting, but I would be more interested in a Adobe Lightroom Library module. To be able to import my files while on site, apply metadata and keywording as a minimum would be something I would gladly pay for. Maybe a bit of light editing then sync to my laptop when back at the home/office and have it sync and import into the full desktop version of Lightroom.

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  3. Richard

    I want! Looks good, though to be honest I would prefer a Library Module that links to Lightroom from Adobe. With that then the iPad would be a must have for me.

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