Bournemouth – Here I come

[googleMap name=”Bournemouth” description=”Bournemouth, United Kingdom” width=”550″]Bournemouth[/googleMap]

My company is sending me to Bournemouth tomorrow so that I can help them with their preparation for ISO 2001 accreditation; as I wrote most of our Project Management procedures I was the ideal candidate to help out with this. So although I will spend most of a week a good distance from home I will be able to see some good friends who live near Southampton on the way.

I also hope that I will be able to take some photos whilst I’m there. I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have but as the days are a bit longer now there should be some light left when I get back to the hotel.

I am also not sure how much Internet Connectivity I’ll have so I might not be abael to post until I get back. I will have a go at using the WordPress app of my iPad and see how good this is. I also have the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit:

This is a cool and necessary accessory for anyone who has an iPad and is into Photography; it also works with card readers.

I’ll also get to try out my D3S, 50mm and 70-300mm lenses a bit more (I’ll be updating the Gear page when I get back).