Nikon D5100

As expected (and mentioned on many rumour sites), Nikon today announced the D5100; this is the replacement of the Nikon D5000. The main news is that the clunky (why did they bother) bottom mounted LCD is gone and now replaced by a better side mounted LCD. Nikon has also improved the megapixel count and some of the movie features too. Some of the redesigned controls are questionable but overall this is an improved model.

DPReview already have their prview up which can be found here

Warehouse Express have also got in the act and you can now pre-order the camera which should be available from 21st April. The body only price is £669, whilst the D5100 and 18-55mm VR lens is £779; if you pre-order now, WEX will throw in a bag and 8GB memory card for free.

Nikon have also released a microphone for their SLR range:

The ME-1 should also be available from the 21st April for around £120. Warehouse Express do not have this on their site yet so not sure when/if this will “actually” be available. I would certainly like one for my D3.

UPDATE: Warehouse Express now have the ME-1 available for pre-order at £119, click here for more info.