Herons and more at Hartsholme

I went to Hartsholme at the weekend as there is a lot happening there at the moment. The Herons are very active, I counted no less than 11 sets of them at any one time, some areas of the central island (where they nest) were getting very crowded:

Quite often one heron would take off and seem to leave the confines of the park:

I took many shots of the Herons with bits of twig in there beaks, these were obviously for their nests:

However, it does seem that we already have some young born:

As always there are a lot of other birds, as I went to the park with the family I didn’t bring the tripod so the ratio of keepers was down slightly but I did use the panning technique and got a few acceptable shots of birds in flight or landing.

Here is the Mallard Duck:
Its a bit soft but the moment of capture makes this a compelling image.

I also have a few shots of the Canada Geese in various stages of flight:

And here are some Greylag Geese in action:

After these shots I got a few shots of my nephew who is also an excellent bird scarer. However it was still a very productive day, and whilst I wouldn’t class these shots as portfolio quality I am glad that I have them.