This is something that should have been announced by Adobe as a full Lightroom companion. I was made aware of this appliaction by a good friend of mine, you can read about at his blog here. Since then, a number of other photographers have blogged about it too.

Simply put it is most of the Library model from Lightroom but runs on an iPad. The application will sync with Lightroom (once an add-on has been installed) and can be used on any images that are ingetsed on the iPad either directly using the iPad Camera connection kit or as images you transfer from Lightroom. Once finished with, the images (with keywords, etc) can be transferred back or to Lightroom This application means that photographers can now travel and leave the laptop at home. You are only limited by the space on your iPad.

  • The developers’ website can be found here.
  • Scott Kelby’s review is here.
  • Terry White’s blog entry about how Photosmith Gives You an iPad to Lightroom Workflow can be found here.

Finally, you really need to visit the latest episode (8) of The Grid a video podcast from NAPP. This is co-hosted by Terry White this week and during the show they discuss some of the apps that can be used on the iPad as Photography aids. You can watch by clicking the link here or subscribe in iTunes.


One thought on “Photosmith

  1. Richard

    Really enjoying the app, despite its limitations. Have exchanged a few emails with the develops (support is excellent) about changes I would like to see made, and I am glad that batch updating of photos is coming soon, currently your limited to updating photos one at a time. Also bi directional sync soon. Currently if you shoot dng’s or jpegs, or are a Sony user, I cannot really recommend it but for Canon or Nikon RAW shooters it is well worthwhile for Adobe Lightroom users.


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