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I consider myself quite lucky living in Lincoln. The main city centre is only a couple of miles away and a short walk from where I work (Brayford Wharf). There are many parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in and around Lincoln and when you venture outside of Lincoln there are many more places to visit.

About a week ago I noticed that not far from where I like to park in Town (weekend shopping) there is part of the river Witham and on the grass verge there is a Swan sitting on a nest:

Occasionally she lifts here head up and has a look around:

There is a whole colony of birds here, there is another swan who seems to be constantly preening. I think that this is the male swan:

There are many families of strange looking ducks, I think that they are Mallards but the males seem to have a wide range of non -standard markings, this does however match the illustrations in one of my books right down to the curled tail feathers:

There is also a Goose with strange markings (mainly white) that left before I got the camera out. I’ve seem him at the site many times before, hopefully I’ll get a shot next time he’s around.

A solitary Moorhen is always about too, they are quick shy animals, I managed to get a not too bad shot but he was moving so quickly the shot isn’t perfect:

Finally there are two bridges (at the post office end), a footbridge and a one-way road bridge. You can hear that there are a lot of Pigeons nesting under this bridge; I have seen many pigeons collecting nesting material nearby and disappearing under the bridge. I have also seen some pigeons bringing food and also disappearing under the bridge. I managed to get a shot of one of the better looking pigeons whilst he was perched on the bridge:

So even in town there is wildlife to see and i will be back to this site, I’m particularly looking forward to when the swan eggs hatch and the signets can be seen. I just hope that the vicinity to the shops nearby doesn’t cause any problems.

One last thing to mention, a couple of times whilst watching the wildlife here I have seen Water Voles (or maybe rats) scurrying around the area. I have yet to manage to capture them with my camera and hence identify them accurately.


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