Wildlife in Spring

Did my (almost regular) weekly visit to Hartsholme Yesterday, I got there at about 7.40 and Richard met me there just after 8, you can see Richard’s photos here.

There is a lot of activity at the park this time of year, we have some young birds already born, some on nests and some birds till building their nests. There also seems to be disparity wihtin the same species too; some have young, some are still on or building nests.

As always, the Heron are very active, here are some of the Heron flying around, mainly to get food for their young:

The central island of the lake at Hartsholme has a very large heron colony, the picture below shows 3 separate nests:

There are times where there is a lot going on at more than one nest and some near misses can occur:

The Common Coot was very busy at the lake, there was some sparring going on, click on the picture below to go to the post I made in January for more:

Another pair of Coots were in the process of building a nest, it never ceases to amaze me that they can build such structures with no hands or tools:

The two Coots were very protective of the nest and chased off some Geese a number of times if they got too close. Every now and then, another Coot would swim back with some more twigs for the nest:

I didn’t see as many goslings this visit (and no ducklings at all), although there were two distinct families. At one point a Mute Swan took a dislike to one of the families of Geese. One of the parents managed to get the Swan to chase them whilst the other took the goslings out of the way. Here is the parent dealing with the swan:

Here is the other with the goslings:

As always there was a lot of flying so here are some BIF (Birds in Flight shots that I took). First we have a mallard male duck:

Here is a Greylag Goose surveying the area:

And a number of shots of Canada Geese in flight:

All in all it was a very productive morning, I shot until I literally could shoot no more. I have had the Nikon D3S for just over a month now and I have finally used up the battery’s first charge; thats well over 3500 shots! I was only 23 shots away from filling two 16GB cards (1973 shots at 29.3GB). I also managed to fill the buffer of the camera for one sequence for the first time and I visited more of the park with he tripod than I ever have before. As soon as I got home I ordered a second battery from Amazon!

Finally, going through the vast number of shots has taken a few hours and would have been impossible if it wasn’t for Adobe Lightroom!

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