More babies at Hartsholme.

My weekly visit to Hartsholme was yesterday and although at first I was a bit disappointed with some of the shots I got there are a few OK ones in there. Every week I have visited there has been something new to see; I was particularly interested to see if the nest that the Coots were building last week was complete and if the nest was occupied.

So starting with the Coots, here is the completed nest; although mostly twigs there is definitely some man-made rubbish that has been incorporated:

The Coot’s mate was still bringing other items to furnish the nest:

Further along the river part of Hartsholme, there was a family of Coots, so the previous pair are a bit late (nest building starts at the end of April):

After a few shots they swam away:

The parent Coots also dived down to get the food for the young quite a few times, although this isn’t a great shot, it shows the speed at which they dive:

Finally, I also tried shooting a short video on the D3S of the feeding:

Whilst I was at the park I saw some more Greylag geese goslings, here is a nice shot of the Gosling and one of the parents:

Here is a lone gosling:

At one point, one of the Greylag families took their young up on shore to feed:

Whilst taking these pictures I noticed a Squirrel foraging for food:

For the first time I also noticed some Canada Geese goslings too:

I was also happy to see some more ducklings, there seem to be less of them around this year than I would expect:

Maybe this is because they spend most of their time asleep:

There are plenty of them around:

The Heron were (as always flying around for food):

I thought that I would finish on a mostly artistic shot, I was playing with the sliders in Adobe Lightroom to try and make this shot more like what I remember seeing and although this isn’t what I saw, I kinda like it:


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