Whisby Nature Reserve – Coot Lake

This Monday I went to the Whisby Nature Reserve, this is just on the outscirts of Lincoln and I haven’t been for a long time. There are around nine lakes and ponds around Whisby and my friend Richard (who went quite recently) recommended that I go around Coot Lake.

The map that shows the various lakes and facilities can be viewed by clicking the following link.

As you enter the park area you pass Thorpe Lake on your left I took a few shots, but couldn’t get any good shots; I did see a pair of tufted ducks though. I turned left and traveled between Thorpe and Coot Lakes. The park is very well signposted so finding your way around is quite easy; just make sure that you wear a good pair of boots or shoes as the park is very large.

As I traveled around Coot Lake I thought that it wasn’t very well named as I didn’t see any until the very end and then only two of them!

However a large number of Canada Geese were present:

These swam by me hoping that I had some food for them.

The main bird present at the park is the Black Headed Gull, these were nesting all around the place, I spotted one nest in the centre of the lake, here is one parent:

Whilst I watched one of the parents returned. Unfortunately there is some foliage on the foreground (which is a bit distracting), however the second parent wasn’t present for very long before he flew off again:

I also noticed that there were a lot of insects flying around too, a number of dragonflies who did NOT want their photo taken were present as well as some colourful looking flies:

At the most Western tip of Coot Lake there was a small Canada Geese family with a single gosling:

Here one of the parents has warned off some of the other Canada Geese, leaving a single parent protecting the gosling:

As I went round the North part of the lake, there was beautiful birdsong present, as I left the park, I was told that is was a Nightingale, some people had come all of the way from Liverpool to hear and hopefully see it. I found the bird very elusive as I could not see it amongst the bushes and Tree growth.

Finally as I walked down the East side of the lake I saw two Coots that the Lake was named after. However, there was a Hide on the other side that looked out onto Grebe Lake. I thought I migts as well have a look, there was a lot of activity on this lake so I took a few shots.

There were at least two families of Canada Geese on the lake, this one started of at the central island but ventured over two the grassy area to the left of the hide:

There was a second family that arrived shortly after, this one has 6 goslings:

In the far distance I saw a Moorhen with some chicks, this is zoomed in quite a bit (I really need that 600mm lens) :

The black-headed gulls were very active and fished all sorts of things out of the lake, here is a gull flying away with a long stick:

All in all it wasn’t a bad morning I some some good shots. Clearly I need to visit agin and spend a bit more time at Grebe Lake and if Dragonfly Lakes is aptly named I should return there with my Macro Lens too.

For more details about Whisby Nature Park, this link. Please note that from 10:00 to 16:00, the car park charges £1 for the day, so make sure you pay and display.