Sparrows in the Garden

I really like this time of year, its when the birds are most active and also when the have their young. The most common bird that visits the garden (and we do have a wide range of them) is the House Sparrow, they always bring their young when the young are able to fly.

We have a number of bird feeders in the garden and the garden has a wide-range of plants that the birds like. We also have some hanging baskets that have biogradeable moss like liners that the birds steal bits of for their nests which seem to be in a constant state of repair.

As we get so many visitors to the garden I though that I would try to take pictures from a different angle so I opened the back patio door laid down facing the doorway with my camera and 70-300mm lens. It took a while for the birds to return but I did manage to get a few shots of a male sparrow on the ground. First he perched on the trellis of the rear vegetable garden:

After checking the area he landed on the ground and ate some of the seed I placed there for the birds, for 90% of the shots he had part of his body obscured by some plat matter on the ground, he did finally move out of its way and I managed to get this shot:

The was also a young Sparrow high up in the tree that seemed to be content to stay there:

Later a whole family of sparrows were together I got these two shots:

Finally just before I finished a solitary Blackbird appeared and stayed long enough for a good shot: