Swan Nest Update 2

This is a follow on from a post I made at the end of April, you can read it here. This concerns a pair of swans who have nested inside Lincoln City Centre. I already have a few pictures of the female (Pen) sitting on here nest and the male (Cob) strutting around and preening himself as he guards the nest.

There has been a swan on this nest since at least 28th April 2011 which coincides with my first photograph. I did however, see them and the nest a few days before this date. If we pick the weekend prior we are looking at 24th April. If you are wondering why the date is so important, I am trying to figure out when the cygnets will hatch from the eggs. The Mute Swan will incubate the eggs for 35 to 41 days so this gives a hatching date between the 5th and 11th June.

Yesterday, I thought that I would visit the site to see if anything had changed, and to my surprise I saw the Pen off her nest. She was in the river closeby having a drink and a wash; the Cob was only a short distance from her and the nest.

I quickly took a picture of the nest:

There are a total of 8 eggs in there. I have never seen Swan eggs before and was not preprepared for how large they are.

Shortly after a couple of shots, the Pen returned to see what was going on, I was a little worried that I may have spooked her a little so I backed off slowly, but she got used to my presence quite quickly as well as some other passers by who wanted to see what I was taking pictures of:

The Cob was nearby too protecting the nest:

Here is a picture of the Pen and Cob near the nest:

Whilst I was taking pictures, some of the ducks who had been in the water decided to visit the bank too , including this strange looking Duck, its definely got some Mallard in there but the brown head and light-coloured body are unusual:

A short while later the swan decided to sit back on the nest and so as it was my lunch break I deciced to leave. There were no water voles today either.

You can find out more about the Mute Swan at this RSPB link here.


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