Hartsholme After a fortnight

I went to Hartsholme this morning on the way to town as I have not been for a fortnight. There’s still plenty of activity and some of the younger animals I saw last time have grown quite a bit.

As usual we started at the main viewing area of the lake at Hartsholme and saw the usual birds, such as some Greylag Geese:

There were a few more Black-headed gulls too, the adults now have almost jet-black heads as their Winter plumage has been exchanged fro the Spring/Summer variant, here is a younger bird who is seeing if a feather is edible or not:

A younger Greylag goose also was evident:

As we were taking pictures (my Mum and Dad came along too), I could hear some high-pitched tweeting that was coming from the right of me and then I saw 3 young Coots, last time these had only just been born so it was nice to see how much they have grown, they swim incredibly fast and it was quite hard to capture one in focus:

We started to walk around the park towards the bridge and stopped off at the next access to the lake. A large number of Greylag Geese young were swimming around:

Some of them were quite inquisitive:

For a short time they also ventured out of the water:

Their parents were never far away:

Whilst we were in the area I also noticed a large number of Feral (Town) Pigeons, including this one who had a very striking purple plumage, I could see him doing various courtship movements around some of the other Pigeons:

Other variants of Mallard Ducks were sleeping in the area, a pure white one and a light-brown variant:

We ventured past the bridge and saw more young Greylag Geese, including this family:

A few Mallard ducks were here too and their young have also grown:

As we ventured slightly further, I saw the Coot nest with one of the Coot parents present, theres no way of knowing if there are any eggs being incubated or not. They lay 5-7 eggs, both parents share the incubation and lasts for 21-24 days. We might see the young in 1 to 2 weeks (depending on when of they were or are to be laid):

Pictures of the parents building the nest can be found in the following posts:

  • This Post here from 2nd May 2011

  • This post here from 8th May 2011

Finally we have another Juvenile Black-headed gull on the same log that the Geese family above were inhabiting:

Soon after this shot was taken, we noticed that it was starting to rain so we packed up headed back to the car and carried on with the shopping.


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