Alton Towers Visit

Last Thursday (26th May) I went to Alton towers with some of my family. This was the third time ever that I had been to the park (1st time when I was 7, the second was last year) and it was the first time that we would stay overnight and have two days in the park.

I must admit that I am a bit of a Rollercoaster junkie and love any type of ride, some of them again and again some of the scarier ones not so often!

I must gone on most of the rides whilst there, unfortunately it wasn’t very sunny or warm and on both days we had showers so I skipped the wet rides this time. Of the rides I went on, I have the following to say about my favourites:

1) The scariest ride (for me) was without a doubt “Oblivion”, the catch phrase “Don’t look down!” is very apt. You are in two rows of about 8 people and they take to a very high part of the roller-coaster just before a very long vertical drop. You get to the top and before being dropped you are kept at the top so you can see a very deep black hole. They then drop you, you cannot help but scream.

2) The most enjoyable ride has to be “Air”; this has to be the closet thing to flying. For this one, you and your legs are strapped in, the chair then angles up form the head end so that you are facing the ground. The roller-coaster then starts with the obligatory climb to overcome gravity and you “fly” around the park afor the shole ride with loop the loops rolls, being upside down, etc.

3) A good all-rounder has to be “Nemesis”, this is a much more classic roller-coaster but you feet are left dangling, this also pulls a few more G’s than Air and has all the usual rolls, loop-the-loops, etc.

4) Finally, we have “Thirteen”, I didn’t mange to get on this ride last year so was quite keen that this should be the first ride I should try. I was quite surprised to see that we were in little carts and the only thing to hold us in were a single bar. You start off with a gravity drop some banking and quite a tame ride. Towards the end the entire roller-coaster ‘train’ goes into a long cabin and the a door shuts behind you – you are in total darkness at this point. the next thing you know is that you drop a coupe of inches and then a fee feet. This if you don’t know happens is fantastic. You are are now driven back mostly in darkness until you exit at the other end and after a track=point change you go back into the station.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos or pictures of the rides as it was quite wet most of the time. However if you want to see the rides, just go to YouTube and type in the ride name and “Alton Towers” and you can see what these rides are truly like. Just beware of some of the language in some of them, people tend to swear a bit more when they are scared!

I went on some other rides whilst I was there, but the four above have to be my favourites.

I took my canon G10 camera with whilst I was there and was surprised to see how much wildlife and fauna there was. I really wished I had my DSLR withe me. I did take a few pictures.

In the centre of the park was a large grassy area next to a lake, a large colony of Greylag geese had set up here:

They were quite tame and you could get quite close:

There were a lot of goslings, but the parents were always nearby:

There were a few waterfalls too:

Finally, we have a video that I have uploaded to YouTube of some of the Greylag Geese: