Swan Nest Update 3

The day after I got back from Alton Towers I decided to check to see if the swan had any of her cygnets. When I arrived they (the Pen and 3 cygnets) were in the water swimming about and feeding. By the time I got to the other side of the river with camera they had all left so I’ll have to try later.

From previous posts I mentioned that the swan had had 8 eggs. I’m not sure if the other eggs will hatch now so I’ll have to have another check later this week.

Here we have the cygnets with the Pen:

The pen was preening a lot:

Here are a series of shots of the cygnets (who said they were ugly ducklings?):

The ever present Cob was around too:

As usual, there were some other birds around, here is a goose who is usually here. I’m not sure of the type, probably bred from a domesticated variety:

The solitary Moorhen was here today too:

Finally, we finish with a House Sparrow, this one wouldn’t keep still so this is the best of a bad bunch:

Sadly, there were no Water Voles around 😦