Last visit to Hartsholme in May

Last weekend I went to Hartsholme with my good friend Richard. He’s really getting interested in Wildlife Photography and like all skills in needs lots of practice which is the main reson I visit so regularly (as well as just enjoying the wildlife that surrounds me).

I arrived a few minutes before Richard, as I entered the park I noticed some robins around but they were too quick for me to get any decent blur-free shots. I also noticed that there were some rabbits around too. I have yet to get a really good shot of them, I did notice this young one a good distance from me. When I took the shot I wasn’t 100% sure it was a rabbit, this shot is heavily cropped:

Not long after Richard arrived we noticed a few waves of geese flying in, one of them is the photo of the month, and the shot below was from a later wave:

I also like this shot, some of the Geese seem to be acrobats:

Some smaller waves of Geese landed:

And this is one of my favourite shots of the days of two Mallard’s coming into land:

A number of insects were flying around, a blue dragonfly decided that my red-coat was a good place to land, it took a while to coax him off my coat, I managed to get a shot of him once he landed:

I was surprised to see lots of Heron’s too, all of the nests are now abandoned but they were very active. I got lots of good shots but at 300mm they need quite a bit of cropping, there is no substitute for a good 500 or 600mm lens:

I was very popular with the animals on the day, I had dragonfly land on me, a number of mallard ducks come up to me and a squirrel at my feet. Richard took a few shots and as it scampered up the tree it almost posed for me, I got quite a nice shot:

Baby Coot Update

We saw the 2 coots looking after their nest last week, so I was wondering of there were any eggs laid. From one end of the lake, we saw that both Coots had left the nest. Richard and I hurried around and just before we got to the nest, we saw a couple of heads pop up. There be baby coots in that nest. Naturally, Richard and I fired away to get some shots.

This baby Coot nearly got lost:

I also took a shot video of the baby Coots being fed by their parents: