First Hartsholme Visit in June

I went to Hartsholme in yesterday with Richard and his wife Caroline to do some more Wildlife Photography.

At one point we did the classic (and cheesy) me taking a picture of Richard taking a picture of me taking a picture of him, etc:

Richard’s picture of me can be found here. Richard’s post also contains some excellent Grebe photographs that I didn’t get.

From our usual starting place, there were a number of birds flying around. The Herons were evident, I managed to get some OK shots but unless they fly quite close you have to crop the pictures you do get quite a bit. The dull dark weather didn’t help:

The Mallard Ducks were also flying in formation:

I also managed to capture a Wood Pigeon in flight:

As we ventured towards the Coots nest, I noticed a Robin quite close to me. Usually by the time I bring my camera to my eye to take a picture they fly off, this guy was not perturbed by this but instead carried on foraging for food allowing Richard and I to get a few shots, this is one of my best Robin shots:

Just before we got to the bridge, Caroline pointed out that some young Coots were under the bridge. There seemed to be two distinct families, with one adult Coot feeding 3 youngand the other adult feeding just one of the other single young Coot:

From the other side of the lake we noticed that the young coot chicks from the nest had been swimming about with their parents, by the time we got to the nest, one of the parents and the Coot chicks were back in the nest:

After a short while, the parent on the nest swam away to get some food, this confimered the presence of 4 Coot chicks:

At one point, one of the Coot chicks couldn’t wait until the adult Coot came back so swam to meet one:

Hopefully, when I next visit, they be swimming a bit more. I have to admit watching the Coots family grow over the past few weeks has been very rewarding and I think that I am lucky enough to be able to witness the event and record it too.


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