Swan Nest Update 4

This will be the final update about the Swan Nest in the St. Marks area of Lincoln.

I visited the site on last week on Thursday 2nd June to find that the swans and their cygnets had gone. It looks like 7 out of the 8 eggs laid had hatched:

There was another guy who was having a look whilst I was taking photos, he informed me that the Swans had lost 2 or 3 cygnets to other predators, the survivors and parents had most likely gone upstream.

There were still a number of other animals about who were inspecting the nest, first a Moorhen:

We also had the mallards, the Goose and sparrows also check out the nest. I also saw something that I have never managed to catch on camera before:

It checked to make sure that the coast was clear:

An then ventured out to check the egg:

It was a Rat, not a vole as I had hoped but he was cute (as are most small animals). He was very aware of my presence and was naturally quite timid:

I left the site of the nest and went to the other side of the river near the multi-story car park to see if I could see anything else happening. I saw another Rat (it could be the same one) taking a drink of water:

Finally, I took a picture of the Goose as he/she was making a right racket:


3 thoughts on “Swan Nest Update 4

  1. fantastic photos – love the one of the rat popping out of the grass. I am a friend of Jan’s and also like to have a go at taking photos at Hartsholme Park which I have put on my wall. I have no experience at all except that I love to take photos of the swans etc. It is wonderful to see an experts’photos.


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