Hartsholme in Rainy June

It’s been a fortnight since my last visit to Hartsholme, so I thought it was about time to visit again.

I arrived just after 07:30 and like normal, there were a few Rabbits around scurrying to and fro; however, some of them were more concerned about eating the grass than running off like their families. Although I couldn’t get too close, I did manage to get a few good shots:

I particularly like this inquisitive fellow:

However, the main reason to visit was to check how the Coots I’ve been watching for the last few weeks were doing.

When I arrived at the nest site, I was disheartened slightly as the nest was empty. I could however hear the young Coots because they have a very distinctive chirrup sound. I noticed this single guy swimming around:

Just like the parents the young Coots are quite territorial and he decided to let the other birds know:

It wasn’t long after this that the parents turned up and I could definitely count 3 chicks, at one stage there might have been four. The parents started to feed the young Coots:

After feeding the young Coots, one of the parents started to rebuild the nest. Coots have been known to have 2 broods per year so this isn’t uncommon:

I took a short video of the Coot as it seemed to be stomping down on the nest (I apologise for the voice of myself and Richard in the background):

I also took a shot of the adult Coot swimming back with a single leaf, this reminded me of the image of the Dove returning with the Olive Branch:

Once returned to the nest the leaf had to be placed just right:

Surprisingly there was not a single Canada Goose in Hartsholme today nor did any large flocks arrive en masse?

There were however Greylag Geese and they do seem to like their photo taken, this one posed for both Richard and I:

There was a slight disagreement between the Geese at one point, so some of them were very alert afterwards, I like the symmetry of these Geese:

The younger Geese (are they still Goslings?) were doing lots of things that were interesting. Here is one standing on two legs, he notices that most of the adult Geese are on one leg:

He decided to have a go himself, after a few wobbles he managed it:

A little while later one of the young Geese had a drink of water, I have never seen them do it like this:

As it had been raining quite a lot recently, the vegetation is very lush and green at the moment so I tried a few shots they came out OK:

After we’d been at Hartsholme for a while Richard and I went back to one of the larger areas near the front of the park to see if we could entice some Squirrels out using the monkey-nuts I brought with me. Although we did see some squirrels , they were moving very fast and didn’t touch the nuts. I was hoping for something like this shot I took in August 2007(Canon EOS 1D MkIIN):

Whilst waiting for the non-existent Squirrels, I did take a few shots of this Blackbird:

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