Last Visit to Hartsholme in June

My weekly visit to Hartsholme lat week, was eventful as there were some animals that I has not seen before make themselves visible to me. More of that later, at the usual starting point I could see Grey Herons flying about, they seem to be building (maintaining?) nests:

There were the usual mix of Mallards, although some of these has unusual markings:

These two Coots were swimming around together and the smaller one (on the left) was preening the larger of the two:

Whilst taking these photo’s I could hear the sound of a young bird, I looked around and saw a young Great Crested Grebe:

The parent was also swimming around an got relatively close to the shore allowing me to get my best Grebe shots to date:

The final image from this area is of a juvenile Coot:

I started to make my way to the Coots nest on the other side of the lake, on my way a met a young woman who asked me if I’d seen the Terrapins? I was surprised by the question, and she kindly showed me where they were.

There were a total of 3 and they seemed to be sunning themselves. Here are two together, the one at the font is eating some fauna and you can just see behind him (in front of the duck) is a smaller Terrapin:

Just to the left (obscured by trees and bushes) was a third Terrapin:

After watching the Terrapins for a while (they aren’t what I would call active), I went back to the Coots nest and was surprised to see that 3 of the chicks (who had grown quite a bit) were in the nest:

Both parents were constantly repairing and maintaining the nest; here are a couple of shots of one delivering a leaf:

Finally, on the way back I saw a small Greylag Geese family, their Goslings has grown quite a bit:


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