Camera Technologies that we could do with

I was reading an article over at called Five Camera Technologies We Want (But Probably Won’t Get) and I mostly agree with some of the ideas the author (Nick Devlin) put forward.

I was slightly surprised some more of the run-of-the-mill available technologies (still) seem to be missing from many cameras particularly DSLR’s.

How many have built in GPS – only the Sony A55 springs to mind. How many can have an add-on made by the same company as the camera. Nikon have the GPS-1 device that fits all of their DSLR cameras, however this costs around £200 and takes up one of the available ports and ideally wants to sit on the hot-shoe. I believe that Pentax also have a GPS device coming out for their DSLR’s and the new Medium Format camera Pentax 645D.

The point is that even the add-ons should be built into the camera.

How many DSLR’s have built-in Wifi? None speint to mind (although a few compact cameras have tried from time to time). Both Canon and Nikon have devices that can be added but they cost £600 for the canon – you also have to ensure that you get the right model:

The model for the Canon EOSE Series 1 cameras:

The model for the Canon EOS 5D mark II:

Nikon only have 1 (quite old now) model, this costs £610:

The point is that my iPhone has both of these technologies – even the first iPhone had them years ago and still no sign of them.

When are camera manufacturers going to wake up and give us the technologies that have eluded them for so many years?


One thought on “Camera Technologies that we could do with

  1. Richard

    Wireless tethering for me would be a great advantage. Shooting in the studio, we have now moved away from having to use cables for triggering the flash. Both Elinchrom and Bowen’s now have remotes so you can control the power of the flashes remotely, and Elinchrom even provide software so you can control it all from your laptop wirelessly. When will the camera manufactures wake up.

    Yes I know there are third party solutions and bolt ons, but having it built it, or at least built into the optional battery packs would make life easier.

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