Whipsnade Zoo photos

Whilst at Whipsnade Zoo in July I managed to do some photography in the afternoon. Chris Weston took us to a few of the animals and I tried to put some of his techniques into use.

We started at the Flamingos, I slowed down and tried to think a little bit differently. Most of what I tried didn’t work but I do like the following shot:

I also took what I call a library or record shot:

Thinking outside the box a bit I captured this shot:

We later moved to the Cheetah enclosure. The trouble was that we couldn’t get close to the fence so throwing that out-of focus was a no-go. This also occasionally fooled the auto focus so a lot of these shots were blurred. I did get a nice shot of the following Cheetah:

On the way to the Lions, we passed a small herd of Scimitar-horned oryx. The young calf was suckling from it’s mother:

You could tell it was a warm day as all of the big cats were lounging around:

However this male lion did go for a stroll after a while:

Not far from the Lions was a small Meerkat colony. They were very entertaining and I didn’t here any of them say “Simples”:

The last animals we saw as a group were the Otters, this is a picture of where the other Otters were when the bay otter was squeeking for them (see my video post):

At the end of the day, I was walking to my car and not far from the car park I saw this Wallaby basking in the sun, so I took a few shots: