Photo walk 2011

I attended this year’s World Wide Photo Walk in Lincoln, unfortunately I also had some of the family visiting this weekend too so I couldn’t stay too long. However I have just managed to go through some of my photo’s. There are only really two that I liked:

Here is the first picture of a gate within the Cathedral:

However my favourite photo was from the Water Tower (just round the corner from the Cathedral) that was open that day – I have never seen this open before. This huge building seemed to be smaller inside. I only managed one photo and I have used Photomatix Pro to give it a bit of HDR treatment which really enhanced the photo:

I only used my Panasonic GF1 with the 20mm f1.7 and the 14 to 45 mm Zoom lens. The EVF was also useful outside as it was really sunny. I had this attached to the monopod and I really enjoyed the fact that it was little to no weight at all.

Finally, congratulations to Richard as it looks like he may have won the local competition!