Skegness Seal Sanctuary

Back in August I went to the Seal Sanctuary at Skegness. Although the number one function of the place is to rescue sick/injured seals (particularity young seal pups), they also have a number of other attractions. If you are ever in the area I recommend a visit; the added advantage is that the profits go to save the seals.

We were quite lucky during my last visit as Victoria (one of the resident seals) gave birth to her pup on the 13th of August and the father was Sammy (another resident seal). Here is the pup suckling from his mother:

The Seal’s all have their own characters, here are a few pictures:

The following picture reminds me of the 3 wise monkeys, but which one is which?

The sanctuary also has other animals there such as Jackass penguins, a petting zoo, butterfly house (more about that later) and many, many birds such as this White Cheeked Pintail Duck:

For me, the other main attraction is the Butterflies who are also resident at the Seal Sanctuary. It gives me the opportunity to try some Macro photography of a moving living subject. This is not easy by the way, the first trick to learn is to turn off the autofocus and switch to manual; you move the camera back and forth to achieve focus.

Here are a few of the better shots that I acquired:

I moved in closer on the butterfly from above and focused on the pattern on the wing, it looks more like an eye than anything else (which its meant to, scares off some of the predators):

There were also some gigantic moths too:

These moths also have large scary looking caterpillars too:

I had a great time at the sanctuary, this was my fourth visit and it always nice to know that you are helping the natural wildlife by going.