Adobe announces new technologies

Thanks to DPReview for the heads up on this one.

Take a gander over at the Adobe TV website, there are some demos of Adobe technologies that might eventually end up in some of their software at some point in the future; they do like to not commit themselves 🙂

The video that stands out the most is the Image Deblurring technology, yes thats right technology that will help fix blurred images:

In this video demo, Jue Wang will show you a sneak peek of a potential new feature that allows users to remove blurriness from digital photos caused by camera shake while the pictures were being taken.

I look forward to Adobe -insert version of Photoshop CS here- when it eventually gets released. Don’t forget that Content Aware fill that is in the latest version of Photoshop was demoed like this so it might not take too long to see a shipping version of this.