iPhone 4s

It’s been a very busy few weeks in Apple land.

Just over 2 weeks ago we had the Apple iPhone event on the Tuesday followed by the very sad passing of Steve Jobs.

This was followed by the rapid deployment of iTunes, the iWorks applications, Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2, iPhoto, IOS 5.0 and finally a whole myriad of IOS application updates for IOS5.

This has culminated for me in the purchase of an iPhone 4S from Vodafone (I got a very good deal considering that contract isn’t up for renewel for a few months yet).

I have to be honest, the main reason for the purchase was the 64GB capacity of the top-end model. I can now store everything I want to on the new device, I don’t have to be selective anymore. The second and third reasons in no particular order were the improved camera and the new speed of the CPU and graphics.

I though that the Siri voice recognition technology was a gimmick – I was WRONG. This is fantastic and will only get better as Apple adds more features of this Beta software, it doesn’t feel Beta. I have had text/imessage conversations without typing, I have set reminders and notes just by asking the iPhone. This morning I asked it to show me the appointments for today, the technology is so cool and I could never go back to an iPhone without this feature.

Take a look at the AppleInsider post about Siri for more information.