The death of Expose to the right

I just read a what sone would term controversial blog entry at The Online Phorographer.

I remember back when Digital cameras where still a new idea and the great delight I experienced when I purchased my first DSLR the Canon EOS D30 (yes that D is in the right location, it wasn’t until the 3rd consumer DSLR – the 10D – that the “D” sifted from left to right but I digress). Here was a camera that I could shot in RAW (also a new idea) and I found the Luminous Landscape and read all about Expose-to-the-Right. This is something that I always tried to do or at least bear in mind.

However, CTEIN questions its relevance almost 8 years later; Digital cameras have moved on so much since then. You can read the blog entry here.

I have to say when I finished reading I have seem this born out some of the pictures I have taken (mostly when using the Nikon D3 but not always), where I am well alway from the right (histogram wise) and I still have a well exposed photograph.

I also point out that the various photo blogs and podcasts from the Kelby camp say that the Highlight warning on the back of the DSLR’s is far more important than the histogram. I have to agree.

Just something to think about next time you take a picture with your digital camera.

2 thoughts on “The death of Expose to the right

  1. The problem with exposure is, there is what is technically correct and what is aesthetically correct. What actually looks better, evokes the feeling that your trying to portray.

    Also remember, the histogram on your camera is dependent on your in-camera jpeg settings.

    I don’t think there is a simple answer to this, but to just look at all the tools available to, handheld light meters, spot meters, histograms and clipping warnings. Work with them and develop a technique that works for you.

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