Panasonic GX1 (finally) announced

There have been rumours about this camera for some time and today Panasonic finally announced the GX1 – the replacement for the GF1.

I have had a large number of Youtube updates today as I subscribe to the Panasonic Youtube channel.

Here we have an overview of the features (tip – mute the sound as the music is a bit dire):

Here is the promo video (with the same dodgy music):

More information can be found here including footage from the camera.

I also checked over at DPReview as they always seem to have news when announcements are made:

The announcement and press release can be found here

Their interview with Darin Pepple, Sr. Product Manager for Imaging at Panasonic can be found here

And their hands-on preview with video can be found here

The headline features for the camera in my view are:

  • Higher resolution 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor instead of 12MP
  • ISO 160-12,800 (the GF1 can only manage 3200)
  • Orientation sensor (providing information with non-OIS lenses)
  • 3.0″, 460k dot LCD
  • Full AVCHD 1080/60i video (from 30fps sensor output) (Gf1 is 720p AVCHD Lite format)
  • Continuous shooting up to 20fps (at reduced resolution)
  • Electronic level gauge
  • Four available Fn buttons (two onscreen)
  • There is also going to be a higher resolution accessory viewfinder (the GF1 version is awful but better than nothing in direct sunlight)

I don’t like the fact that they removed the drive mode switch – I use this a lot particularly if I’m bracketing.

The GX1 will be released in Mid-December for £400 body only (Black and Silver bodies); there will also be kits with the Power-zoom 14-42 and the standard 14-42 manual zoom too but only US prices have been released. One thing for sure is that the value of my camera just took a nose dive and there are enough new features to keep me interested – it isn’t a NEX7 killer or even a Nikon V1 replacement but something that sits between the two.


One thought on “Panasonic GX1 (finally) announced

  1. Richard

    Glad I did not wait, in many ways I prefer the GF-1. Unlike many photographers I am willing to sacrifice a number of features including sometimes even image quality for the bits I want in a camera.

    If I am after the ultimate in image quality then I don’t care about size and weight, but in a portable kit, you are already giving up on some image quality, so what else are you willing to lose.

    For me a built in viewfinder is a must, I hate holding a camera at arms length to compose. That is why I would rather have a Nikon V1 then this.

    Now the Leica M9 and Sony Nex 7, are something else!

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