Sony Day at London Camera Exchange – Lincoln

I went to the local London Camera Exchange (LCE) in Lincoln as they were hosting a one-off Sony demo. I got there just after 10 an instantly recognised one of the Sony reps from the event last month. I was on a mission – have one more go on the Sony NEX-7 to see if I really wanted one and also to if there were any special show offers for the NEX-7. I was also hoping that he might have brought a couple in so I could buy one early – he only had his demo model đŸ˜¦

I found the controls more intuitive now as I currently own a NEX-5N so it was reformation that I wanted (need is probably too strong a word) a Sony NEX-7. I asked what special show offers they had and they were good, money was paid and I am now at the top of the Sony NEX-7 (with 18-55 black zoom lens) waiting list. I also got a Sony bag, spare battery and memory card thrown in (I don’t have the memory card yet but the NEX-5N and its accessories and lenses are in the bag and now I have a 2nd spare battery.