Instant JPEG from RAW is Back

Back before Lion (including Snow Lion) and Windows 7 were twinkles in Steve jobs and Steve Ballmer’s eyes (respectively), I used to use a utility from Michael Tapes that allowed you to select any RAW file and with a few clicks of the mouse crate a full sized JPEG without the use of any Apple, Microsoft or Adobe software. It was called simply “Instant JPEG from RAW” or IJFR for short. It always worked until the newer versions of the operating systems appeared. I thought that we had lost this wonderful (free) piece of software for good.

Well thanks to the hard work of and Imagenomic a new version (1.6) has been released the is compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 (Snow Leopard) and 10.6 (Lion) as well as both 32 and 64bit versions for XP/Vista and Windows 7.

It is very simple to use, once installed, you right-click on the RAW file:

The select the Instant JPEG from RAW menu option and the following dialog box appears:

Select the options that you want and then click the Extract button. The utility also works with multiple files that have been selected (using the Shift and Command buttons).

It can be downloaded here. Full instructions are issued with the download.

I have tried this with a variety of RAW formats and have yet to find anything it does not support; give it a try!