First Hartsholme Park Pictures from 2012

After a long hiatus, I finally managed to get to Hartsholme Park. It was very cold and even though I was wearing gloves the sensation in the finger tips of my righ hand were gone by the end of the shoot.

I was also reminded of a good lesson; make sure that your batteries are charged before you go on a shoot 🙂

You can see that the Herons have already arrived at the main island at the centre of Hartsholme lake and are all building nests. The island only has a few pairs at the moment but more will come. The island has many Heron every year and they are amazing birds especially when they go fishing. Although I took a few shots they weren’t very good.

The usual suspects were around, Mallard ducks and Greylag Geese:

I didn’t see any Canada Geese on this visit.

There were many Coots on the lake:

I was hoping to see if one of them was going to re-establish a nest like last year not too far from the edge. No sign of any nests at the moment (its too early).

There were a pair of Swans going around the lake, they kept swimming up to anyone just in case they had some food:

There were many other birds around but they didn’t want their picture taken. This Wood Pigeon posed for me:

On the way back I watched this Black Bird (I think that this is what it is) foraging through the leaves. After I took a few pictures (which to be honest are a bit soft) I watched in amazement as it carried on foraging:

Towards the end of my visit, a new type of wildlife that I had never seen appeared from the old boathouse:

It was clear that they were placing buoys around one end of the lake; I think that this is probably for a radio controlled boat race later in the day.