Lightroom 4 – Shadow Slider

Whilst going through my photo’s from last weekend’s photo shoot (blog post coming soon), I was using Lightroom 4. In fact I am now using Lightroom 4 for all of my photos. The controls in the basic panel are simply fantastic and it’s amazing what it can do.

I took the following shot of a pigeon that landing on a tree not far from where I was standing, I didn’t know it was a pigeon when I took the shot because it was in shadow:

I moved the shadow slider in the basic panel to the right (from the zero – middle position):

And “voilà!” the image became much clearer:

You will also note that the Highlight slider was moved to the left quite a bit so that the background wasn’t too blown out. I never cease to be amazed at what you can pull out from a picture that wasn’t exposed appropriately. This is one of the many reasons why I shoot in RAW.