Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Florida)

This was the first park we visited on our Florida trip and the first time that I have visited any Disney park too.  to say I was a bit apprehensive would be an understatement but as it turned out I had a great time here.

Disney has a very informative website here; about what you can do at the park, the various attractions, rides and shows.  The total experience has something for all ages and interests.  I was particularly interested in the bigger rides and the “Animal Kingdom” aspect of the park.

We started with the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition Safari link here; where a guide takes a group of people in a Landover (on a track mind you) around theKilimanjaroSafari parkwithin Animal Kingdom.  The commentary is a bit over the top at times but informative.  I tried to take pictures but the 4×4 rarely stopped so I didn’t get much in-focus pictures due to the excessive shaking of the vehicle.

Some examples of the in-focus shots are here:

What compounded the issue is that I had to keep changing lenses on my GX1 between the 14-42mm and the 42 -175mm. I recommend that you don’t bother taking pictures on this ride and just enjoy yourself.

The best ride in the park is Expedition Everest. You can see the ride in the background of this picture:

The ride is based on a mining train on a track based around Mt Everest.  Yeti’s have been sited and are destroying the track whilst you are on it.  The ride starts like may roller coasters (no inversions here) and then the Yeti storyline kicks in full swing with you clearly riding up to track that has clearly been cut away….

Although we didn’t actually go on the Kali River Rapids because it wasn’t that hot, we did find places where we could soak people who did.

We went on the Maharajah Jungle Trek and saw many amazing animals including my favourite the Tigers. Unfortunately they did not want to have their photo to be taken on the day so my only photos are not presentable.

We spent some time on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and saw some amazing animals:

Such as Hippos:

and Gorillas:

At the centre of the park is the Tree of Life, this is a massive tree:

When you get close up to the tree you can see many intricate animal carvings:

At the Oasis Exhibit we saw many creatures including such birds as the Bearded Barbet:

We did go on some other attractions and shows but these were aimed at younger audiences and my Nephew seemed to enjoy them.

There were other aspects of wildlife present at Animal Kingdom that were not part of the official attractions. Including the “American White Ibis”:

These birds are absolutely everywhere in Florida, almost as common as the House Sparrow is in the UK (loads of these in Florida too).

There were many small lizards too, these reminded me of the ones I saw in Malta: