New Sony Stuff – A99 and RX-1

Sony released a lot of new Photographic gear yesterday, this post is about some of the other items that interested me. Make sure you read my previous post about all of the nice new Sony NEX stuff here.

Sony released the much leaked SLT-A99; this is basically a full-frame version of the SLT-A77 and both are very nice cameras with lots of features that put the big boys toys to shame.

This has 24 mega pixel chip that is the same one in the RX-1 (more about that later) and also has the new Multi interface hot-shoe which can house a lot more than flashguns.

This has the fantastic Pull-out three-hinge tilt/swivel 1.23m dot RGBW LCD screen that was first seen on the A77 and is fantastic for video or shooting at strange angles (including self-portrait). The camera also has built-in GPS even though I have seen a few sites claiming that it had been removed.

The camera also has a top-level display – something that seems to be disappearing on more and more cameras these days. Microphone and headphones sockets and what I think is a first for Sony – AF Micro adjust round of the top features.

DPReview have already previewed the camera and this can be read here.

The camera (in the UK) is priced between the Nikon D800 and the Canon 5D MkIII at £2500, it can be already pre-ordered from WEX here.

The Camera Store have a preview video that shows some of the features of the new SLR:

Sony also released a new flash, the HVL-60M which has some nice features, some of them are Sony standards such as the way they tilt on an axis and some of the features are new such as an LED light:

There is an excellent preview of the flash over on the Phoblographer’s website here.

There are no details on UK price and availability at the moment.

The Cybershot RX-1 was the surprise for me, this is a full-frame 24MP compact camera with a fixed Zeis 35mm f2.0 lens – all good stuff, the ball dropping aspect is that there is no viewfinder:

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have one of these but the price at £2800 is a lot of money (more than the A99); you can pre-order it from WEX here. To add insult to injury the lens hood and viewfinders are extra too.

Sony did however manage to shoehorn a lot into a relatively small body, you see some camparisons with other bodies at Sony Alpha Rumors here.

Finally, DPReview also have a preview of this camera on their website here.

Am I going to purchase either a Sony SLT-A99 and/or the Cybershot RX-1? Probably not, the Sony NEX range is giving me everything I need right now but if either of these are available at the London Camera Exchange’s SONY demo day on Saturday 29th September then that could all change. How much do kidneys fetch these days? 🙂


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  1. Richard

    Some really exciting things coming from Sony, this compact is something that people have wanted for a long time. If it had a built in viewfinder it would have been a home run.

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