Sony A99 Portrait Grip

As a slight addendum to my notes about the Sony SLT-A99, they have also announced a vertical/portrait grip. So what, every major company releases grips for their cameras? Here is a picture from the Sony website:

You will note that this is similar to the latest Nikon grips in that there is no stalk connecting the grip to the battery contacts inside the battery chamber of the camera, there are obviously some contacts on the underside of the camera. So one battery in the camera and one battery in the grip, right?

This picture shows how many batteries can be fitted inside the grip:

This is the only D-SLR (I now that it’s not technically a D-SLR but it’s in the same market) that I know that can house 3 batteries in one go.

The grip costs £299 and can be pre-ordered from WEX here. This is quite competitive as the grips for the Canon 5D-III and Nikon D800/800E cost £299.95 and £329 respectively.

More details on the grip can be on Sony’s website, here.

One small thing that Canon have been doing for some time that Sony also do is add a strap hole to the underside of the grip so that a hand strap can be used with camera; this is one thing that Nikon have never done. I recommend using Canon’s E1 strap, they cost around £20 to £30 if you can find one, a review can be found here.