Spider in the Garden

I was in the garden with one of my Uncles and Aunts and my Uncle noticed a Spider behind me and took a picture with his Nokia mobile phone (it wasn’t a smart phone by any stretch of the imagination). He was a bit disappointed with his photo.

He asked if I could get a better shot, so I grabbed the NEX-7 and the SEL-30M35 (30mm Macro f/3.5) lens and took a couple of handheld shots not expecting much. When he looked at the photos he was amazed about how they came out and the fact that we could see barbs on the spider’s legs that were not visible with the naked eye.

The picture came out like this (full frame):

When cropped you can see the detail here:

Now I was of the opinion that the SEL-30M35 was a mediocre lens, but after this quick shot I am impressed. Maybe I have a good copy 🙂


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