Sea World

Being a bit of a wildlife enthusiast I was really looking forward to visiting Sea World and I wasn’t disappointed either. Although this is a little further away than the Universal parks it was a relatively short ride from our hotel. The park has a good mixture of rides, shows and attractions and is a great day out. You can find out more about the park here

I always enjoy the more extreme roller-coasters at each park and Sea World delivers, my favourite three are: Kraken, Manta and Journey to Atlantis.


This ride is named after a massive mythological underwater beast and this is Orlando’s tallest and only floorless rollercoaster. From an enjoyment point of view this is equal to the Hulk ride at Universal Islands of Adventure ; at points you are travelling at nearly 70mph and the roller-coaster inverts you 7 times. I really enjoyed this rollercoaster and have to add this to my personal top 5.


This ride is supposed to simulate the movements of the Manta Ray (but flying through the air as opposed to the sea). This reminded me of “Air” at Alton towers as you are suspended in a similar manner and this ride is also like flying. I enjoyed this ride so much that I did go on it many times throughout the day.

Journey to Atlantis:

This is a one-of-a-kind water-coaster with two of the steepest, fastest, wettest drops anywhere and registers between a 7 and an 8 (depending on location) on the hwwig scale – see my Universal post for an explanation of the hwwig scale.

Shamu: The park’s main attraction is Shamu the killer whale. When I last visited Sea World many years ago he had only just been born but now many years later he has grown up. Shamu is presented as part of SeaWorld’s “One Ocean” show and is of course the main star. This was without a doubt the best show/attraction I have ever seen and I am amazed at some the tricks that the whales do.

I was in awe most of the show and I was wise enough to sit towards the back of the auditorium as the splash zone was quite large. At the end of the show, the whale’s only purpose is to soak as many people as possible! If you were in the first few rows you are getting a clear 10 on the hwwig scale with the figure reducing slightly the further back you went. I enjoyed the show so much I purchased a DVD to remind me of the amazing show that I saw (a bargain at 15 bucks). If you do nothing else at Sea World then you must see Shamu. I would also recommend that you don’t try and video the show like I saw many people do, you will enjoy it more if you just sit and watch, get wet if that is your thing and then buy a proper editing and better filmed version at the end.

Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island:

This is a comical show starring a numbers of animals (walruses, sea-lions and otters) as well as actors and tells the story of how Clyde and Seamore conquer Pirate Island as well as get the better of some unsavoury characters. Both Clyde and Seamore are Sea-lions and are very talented animals. I enjoyed the show especially the mime artist who helps usher people in to the show he’s very funny – just search YouTube and you can see him in action.

Blue Horizons: This was a bit of a mixed bag for me and was enjoyable but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was expecting to see Dolphins performing tricks (which they did) but I also got acrobats, dancers and singers too; there were also birds flying around in parts. Now while I am impressed by the skills of the dancers and acrobats (they did some amazing tricks) I was hoping that this was going to be a Dolphin version of One World.

When the Dolphins were on, I was in awe again to see how intelligent they are and what they were capable with their instructors. And the stadium and tank was well designed so that you could see what was happening underwater. This was very important when the instructors were swimming or being pushed along by the Dolphins.

This attraction also had a splash zone although nowhere near as extensive as the Whales’ one (simply a matter of mass).

Pets Ahoy: This show starred many animals including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Skunks
  • Pot-bellied Pigs
  • Birds
  • Rats
  • Skunk

The animals, like most of the attractions, are the stars of the show and the ticks and stunts are created so that they are amusing and I have to confess that I was having a good laugh throughout the show. I found a very well filmed YouTube video of the show that can be seen here.

Stingray Lagoon: This is a nice area out of the way from the main attractions, you can put your hands into the water and the stingrays will swim over your hand, it’s a strange feeling, if you want you can feed them too.

Pacific Point Preserve: Have fun getting to know these Seals who are natural comedians with a visit to Pacific Point Preserve. You can even get a chance to feed these famously fun animals.

They share the area with the American White Ibis so be careful that you feed the seals and not these common scavengers.

Dolphin Cove: Get to know the most engaging, intelligent creatures from land or sea in just about the largest interactive dolphin habitat anywhere. There’s a brilliant underwater viewing area too – bring your camera!