My Trip to Orlando, Florida – Epilogue

I have posted 9 blog entries for my trip to Florida back in April earlier this year. The articles have been posted over a long period of time, the first post was on the 5th August whilst the final entry was posted just the day before yesterday – 10th October. I totally underestimated the amount of photos that I took aver the 2 weeks as well as what we did and experienced over the 2 weeks. I have had to leave some things out or I would have been posting until well into the next year. The shear amount of what I wanted to talk about was so daunting that it was just over 3 months between the visit and my first post.

However, I have learned many things from the trip and blogging about the trip, these are listed as “Lessons Learned”:

  1. If you are going to blog about something whilst away from on holiday (I took my iPad), write something each day during the trip whilst everything is fresh in your mind (I had to look up some things to remind me what I did; the later posts were over 4 months away from the holiday so I was forgetting some of the stuff).
  2. When taking pictures, think about what you are going to write about so the pictures better illustrate the story.
  3. Before you go think about what pictures you need and take only what is needed – think 18-200 for APS/DX cameras and 28-300 for FX/Full-Frame cameras. Are you going to use that exotic lens?
  4. When taking pictures, either take RAW and JPEG or just shoot JPEG, most of the photos will be used in the blog or handed over to friends and family and most of them will want JPEG.
  5. However if you are taking a picture that you know you will wish to process later, then you might want a RAW photo as well.
  6. Take plenty of memory cards, they are ridiculously cheap nowadays; the Sandisk 95MB/s 16GB cards that I use are only £27 from Amazon at the moment. I was lucky as I had many of these as well as smaller and/or slower cards too).
  7. Try and post some short blogs whilst on holiday – there are days were you aren’t that busy so it shouldn’t be too hard.
  8. Remember to set the date and time for the destination – I don’t know why, but my camera had the wrong , year, month and time so I had to adjust them to work out what was taken and when.

I will just finish with a statement that I had a wonderful time in Florida with my family and I will definitely go again and with the same people. They are already talking about this and it will probably be in 2014 or 2015, Jack needs to be a bit taller so he can go on more of the rides.

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