Skegness Natureland (May)

Back in May of this year (I’m still catching up with news from earlier in the year) I visited the Seal Sanctuary in Skegness (called Nature-land). This place is located not far from the sea front and is a place I like to go to whenever I’m in Skegness (I estimate that I go about 2-3 times a year). I like to visit the animals and I also know that this helps to pay for the main function of the place – saving seals that would otherwise perish if not helped. Nature-land (as its name suggests) also has lots of other animals to see too.

Nature-land has three areas dedicated to the Seals; they have a large tank at the front of the Sanctuary where the resident seals are located. These seals will always be at Nature-land as they would not survive in the wild. One of the Seals also had a baby seal (see above) and he too will have to stay at Nature-land. This tank has a large underwater viewing area too where you can see the seals swimming around:

The seals in this tank are of all ages:

The second area is where they keep the rescued seals when they are almost ready to go back into the wild, they are kept here until they have the correct bodyweight:

The third area is the hospital where the seals start the journey through Nature-land and are wormed and given vetinary car so that they can eventually be released back into the wild with their ailments cured any injuries repaired and of the correct bodyweight so that they have a fighting chance of leading a normal life.

Naure-land also have some Jackass penguins, on a prior visit there were only a few penguins around but one of the females had had some eggs and I guess most of these hatched as there were many more penguins since my last visit:

Near the resident seals is a Merekat colony, I only saw about 3 there but they are fun to watch and they are very cute when they stand on their hind legs and dangle their front paws downwards. I know that there are already hundreds of Merekat photographs on the web already but here is another one to join them:

Nature-land also has a tropical house where they keep the reptiles, insects, arachnids and amphibians. I only managed to get one decent shot, flash reflects off of the glass and I was weary of using too high an ISO setting. Here is one of their lizards (taken at ISO 1800 on a D3S):

Nature-land also has a large greenhouse called Floral Palace, this has three areas, one dedicated to plant life, the second is a small aviary, whilst the final section has butterflies and moths too. This time I went in from the aviary end, they have many birds here including quails Ringed Teals, Bahama Pintails and a Chilean Flamingo:

They also have very rare Java Sparrow:

Using the D3S+105mm Micro Lens and the R1C1 Speedlight I managed to get a few good shots of some butterflies and moths. The most impressive is the Atlas Moth which is gigantic (and aptly named), however they only live for about 10 to 14 days as they have no mouths:

I also got some nice shots of the other butterflies; I have tried to name each one which wasn’t easy as there are thousands of species of butterflies and moths

Great Mormon Butterfly:

Tithorea Butterfly:

Tree Nymph:

Owl Butterfly:


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