The year past and the year ahead

I write this post with only 1 hour left of the year 2012 and what a year it has been! I though that I would post a quick blog entry to say what was great about 2012 and what was not great as well as a few hopes for 2013. Here goes:

What was great about 2012:

  1. I went on a fantastic Holiday to Florida with my Sister, Brother-in-law and my Nephew (Louise Simon and Jack). This was probably the best holiday I have ever had and I needed it (see what wasn’t great in 2012).
  2. We now have two new additions to the family – 2x Schitzu puppies – Seska and Zara.
  3. I got an even better Ford Kuga that has about every gadget known to man.
  4. I finally got Apple computers out of my system (I hope).
  5. We also got Windows 8 and whilst I seem to be in a minority I really like the operating system so much that:
  6. I know have a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 phone.
  7. I think that I may have sorted out the job issue by moving into a new role called “Process Consultant” and I hope that I with the help of my line Manager (Matt) can develop this role into something really interesting.



What was not great about 2012:

  1. My job sucks!
  2. My job sucks!
  3. My job sucks! (I know that that this is technically only one bad thing but it was such a problem for most of 2012 I thought that I would mention it 3 times).
  4. We lost Ezri – she was only 10 years old.
  5. I spent too much time and money on GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome – this is where the gear itself (in Photography anyway) is more important than actually using what you have to take pictures.
  6. With the exception of the March to May period I took hardly any pictures.
  7. My finances could be better.
  8. I have gained (more) weight.
Ezri Lounging in the Living Room.

Ezri Lounging in the Living Room.

What am I going to do in 2013? You could call these new year resolutions:

  1. I am going to loose weight (about 2 stone) this year and keep it off, I will go to Weightwatchers Slimming World to help with this, 2 stone is a lot but this should be achievable by May (just before my birthday).
  2. I am going to make sure that I take more pictures this year, I haven’t fleshed this out too much – more to come, but is linked to the one below:
  3. Host this year’s Scott Kelby World Wide Photo-walk in Lincoln. There wasn’t one in Lincoln last year and I need to start the ball rolling by running some photo-walks to get the experience that Scott requires for you to run them. The World Wide Photo-walk is in October so whilst this is 10 months away there isn’t much time to have walks before then.
  4. To combat GAS (see what wasn’t great in 2012) I am not allowed to purchase anything photo related for 9 months that is over £50, this should allow small things that are needed from time to time but stop the big purchases from happening. In 9 months I will see where I am and if I need to adjust the gear that I have.
  5. If I get another new car this year it will have to cost less to own and run, my current car isn’t cheap!

01-JAN-2013 EDITED: Updated name of Weight Loss company to Slimming World after recommendation from my sister.


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  1. Richard

    Are you cutting back on the Starbucks? Good Luck on the diet, your not the only one trying to loose weight and cut back on the GAS. Though a Leica 90mm f/2 Summicron does not count 😉

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