Brayford Wharf


Following on from my previous post I ventured out the following day to take some pictures at Lunch time. I decided to go the other way round Brayford Wharf and after no successful photos I walked back an noticed the low sun above the university. I took a few shots and the dynamic ranged was too great for the camera so I decided that I would try a hand held 5-bracket (-2,-1,0,+1,+2) shot. This is something only 2 other Canon EOS cameras can do – a bracket of more than 3 shots; the others are the 1DX and the 6D. The5D3 can in fact take up to 7 shots with max range from -6 to +6 for the 7 brackets. The only down side is that the settings are buried in the menus somewhat.


So I was preparing for the shot when a boat with 3x fire fighters from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue popped into the scene, so I quickly took the bracketed shot and the picture at the top of this post was the result. It was created using a combination of Lightroom, Photomatix Pro and Photoshop. I consider this version 1 as there is more work needed, I think that next month’s treat will be Rafael “RC” Concepcion’s HDR Book that will hopefully teach me how to “finish” the photo better. It’s currently sitting in my Amazon Wish List, clicking the thumbnail below will take you to the book on Amazon.