Boultham Park


Last Sunday, Richard and I decided to go on a photo shoot around Boultham Park; although I have visited part of the park before I have never ventured all of the way around the park so this was something new for me. Richard as usual has wasted no time in posting his shots from the shoot and they can be found by clicking here.

Boultham Park is actually on the way to one of my favourite places to shoot – Hartsholme Park so it is easier to get to. There was one real problem on the day and that was that the wildlife was mostly around the North-west bank and the rising sun meant that the light was very harsh. Shooting towards the sun is not a fun experience and is a rooky no-no, but wildlife is never cooperative.

Both Richard and I took quite a few shots and although I got some nice photos, a lot of the others were no good due to the lighting which was changing all of the time. My shots of the swans were totally blown out (Richard got some nice shots of them) and my flying ducks that looked great on the rear screen of the 5D3 sucked when viewed on a calibrated 24″ monitor.

At the start of the shoot the most prominent bird were the Mallard ducks, they were very active:

And most of them if they weren’t preening were bobbing for food, I managed to catch this one on the way up. The water really brings out the colour in this Mallard male duck’s beak:

There were also a large number of ducks from an indeterminate species (probably related to the Mallard – look at their tail feathers) such as this white duck:

We were quite fortunate that most of the birds here are slightly tame and don’t seem bothered with humans too much (although they don’t trust dogs!). Most of them allowed Richard and I quite close to take some nice photographs. This crow was foraging for food:

Not far from here, there were a few Moorhens running around. Its obviously not mating time as they largely ignored each other:

As well as the animals on the ground, the black-headed gulls did a lot of flying about and after trying a lot I managed to get a couple of nice shots (although I wouldn’t call them amazing):


Towards the end of the shoot we noticed some more Muscovy ducks:



This included a rather unusual black Muscovy Duck:

There were also a small colony of Coots around here too, they didn’t mind having their photo taken:


Finally, just before we left, all of the birds suddenly got out of the lake I was fortunate to video this. Watch the video to see the reason (I apologise for the poor audio quality it was very windy that day: