Updates Galore


Today is one of those days where everyone seems to be up to something. Microsoft are particularly active today, in conjunction with Nokia and EE, the Portico update for my Lumia 920 was released, this brings some new features and hopefully some bug fixes (my phone has “bricked” once and there have been at least 2 random reboots too). You can read more about it here.


Microsoft have also released MS Office 2013 to retail today so you can either go out and purchase MS Office from your local PC World or online from stores such as Amazon but what is better value for money is to go for the subscription. Buying the software can be expensive if you want all of the apps:

If you go for the subscription is costs less (for a year) than the cheapest boxed version, and as it includes all of the apps it is 4.5 times cheaper than the Pro version. You also get 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage worth £6 a year too. I will be purchasing a year’s subscription in the not too distant future (I want to make the most of the free trial I am running now):

Apple have also been busy and have released ISO 6.1 for the Apple iPhone and iPad, you can read Apple’s support document here for more details.

Apple have also released an Apple TV Update that allows you to use a Bluetooth keyboard with it. You can read more at Macrumors here.

Apple iPad4B

Finally, Apple have also released a 128GB iPad 4, this costs an extra £80 over the 64GB models: so the 64GB iPad+LTE costs £659 and the 128GB model with LTE costs £739 you can read more about this at the MacWorld UK website here. The 128GB variant will be available on 4th February.

On a more minor note, Nikon have released a whole swathe of (don’t they get it yet?) compact cameras and a two new lenses, they are the AF-S Nikkor 18-35mm F3.5-4.5G ED full-frame wide-angle zoom and the much delayed AF-S Nikkor 800mm F5.6E FL ED VR lenses. The 800mm is to match Canon’s version, the 18-35mm is an unusual focal range and is similar to the 17-40mm f4 L lens from Canon.
AF-S NIKKOR 18–35mm f3.5–4.5G ED Lens

There have also been some minor announcements from Panasonic (a better replacement for their 14-42mm lens, with a metal mount instead of the nasty plastic version) and Pentax have released a version of their Q camera that looks like it was built out of lego. You can some up what I think of this camera from this video: