The Camera Store previews the Fuji X100s and x20


I received a nice email from YouTube this morning notifying me that Chris Niccolls from “The Camera Store” has just produced a new video. This covers the new Fuji X100s and the X20. Both of these cameras are evolutionary upgrades to the former X100 and X10 respectively, and both feature a myriad of improvements and Chris goes through them.


Of the two I am more interested in the X100s, with its extended feature set and larger sensor. It reminds me of the Fuji X-Pro1 that I had, a camera I would have liked to hold onto if funds allowed. There is something about the Fuji cameras that I like, the manual controls particularly. The X100s also shows off some new technology that Fuji have developed that should find it way into the next Fuji interchangeable lens (IL) cameras (the X-Pro2 and X-E2?), the improvements in auto-focus is probably the most interesting of these. The other issue with the Fuji IL cameras was lack of (adequate) support in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom and now this has been addressed too.

The X100s can be preordered now and costs £1099 and the X20 can also be pre-ordered for £499, both should be available later this month. Although these are not cheap cameras, hopefully the price will come down to something more manageable.